Treat Smorgasbord For Your Dog

Treat Smorgasbord For Your Dog

Give Your Dog Quality Time

Dogs need fun things to occupy their time or they could get bored or depressed. They are happy when they are performing a job or working to figure out a problem. A good pet parent will try to involve a dog in tasks that will stimulate their minds.

Here is a great way to give your dog their treats. Their natural curiosity and sense of smell makes this a fun way to work for their snacks.

If you have a larger dog a muffin/cupcake pan works great. For extra small dogs you have to be a little more creative. I found a plastic egg holder that was just the right size. The one I found also has a lid so I can save what he doesn’t eat for a later time.

Each time I fill it I put something different in it. It is fun to watch to see what he will choose first. Anything goes. Vegetables, cottage cheese, apples, bananas, dog treats, or his regular dog food. My dog is a small chihuahua so I don’t put much in each slot. And I only do this once or twice a week to make it more exciting for him.

Try it. Your dog will love you.

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