Treat Seek Dog Game

Treat Seek Dog Game

Your dog can get bored just like we can. Playing games with him is a good way to help him use his mind and creates a bond between the two of you. A great game to play is Treat Seek.   This version of hide ‘n seek is a fun game to play in the living room while watching TV. Your kids will love it, too. All you need is some broken up pieces of dog biscuits.

How To Play

Place your dog at one end of the room and tell him to stay.

Then go around the room and hide the pieces of biscuit in places he can get to such as behind chair legs, under the edge of a throw rug, etc.

When you are done hiding the pieces tell your dog to find the treat.

He will have a great time running around the room finding and eating the treats.

I always get down on my hands and knees when hiding the treats as this makes the dog feel like he is in a game with you. I always use broken

pieces of dog biscuits so the game can be played several times without giving the dog too much to eat. This is a great game to teach your dog to

stay until released.

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