Should You Sleep With Your Dog?

Golden labrador sleeping next to woman in bed

Should You Sleep With Your Dog?

Do you sleep with your dog? If you do, you fall into the majority of dog owners. Approximately 56 percent of us sleep with our dogs. But is this good for  us and more importantly is it good for the dog?

Who can resist those soulful brown eyes and cute wagging tail when it’s time to say goodnight? So we give in and let Fido snuggle down beside us.   But is he the only one that jumped into our bed?

Your dog can be host to lots of little critters.

Your dog can be host to lots of little critters such as fleas, ticks, or the occaisional ant or spider. Worse yet there are some who believe  dogs can transmit illnesses from disease such as food poisoning type bugs like campylobacter and salmonella.

What was his last snack?

Sleep with your dog What was the last snack your loving puppy had before he hit  the hay? Could it have been the tasty cat poop snack he found in the backyard? Not very sanitary if he gives you doggy kisses or licks your pillow. Another  thing to consider is the hair he leaves behind in the bed which may cause allergy problems.

Is he saife in your bed?

Your dog doesn’t always benefit from the priveledge of sleeping in the bed either. Just like dogs in a pack, they like to sleep close to their  owners. If the dog is especially small you risk rolling over on him and either squishing him or possibly breaking a leg. And you certainly don’t want to  roll him off the bed where he could land on his back or worse.

One last thing to consider.

One last thing to consider is that he is a pack animal and being high on the bed will make him feel he is the leader of the pack. This is not a good thing as you, his owner, should be the leader. He may, after time, feel it’s his bed not yours and then you will have a power struggle over space, pillows and blankets. He may even decide to ban you from the bed if he is particulary aggressive in nature.

But if you are like most owners your pet is your baby and none of the above is going to stop you from cuddling up for the night. Pets are known stress relievers and when you sleep with your pet it can help you relax and fall asleep faster. They will keep you warm and give you lots of loving and that can more than make up for any negatives.

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