No-Sew Dog Sweatshirt

No-Sew Dog Sweatshirt

You can make this cozy shirt for your dog even if you’ve never sewn a stitch in your life. That’s because all you need for this project is an old sweatshirt and a pair of scissors. Here’s how:

1. Find an old or new long sleeved sweatshirt. Make sure it has a stretchy cuff that will fit over your puppy’s head.

2. Lay the sleeve of the shirt on your dog’s back starting just under the ears at the neck and mark how long you want the shirt to be. It should end just before the tail.

3. Cut off the sleeve from the shirt.

4. Hold the sleeve up to your dog to determine where the leg holes should be and mark it. Be sure the seam of the sleeve will be on the underbelly of the dog when he wears it.

5. With scissors cut a slit on each side of the sleeve for the front legs to go through.

If these are going to be pajamas then you’re done. If you want your new shirt to be for outside wear then cut a curve for the underbelly if you have a male dog.

Voila! A new shirt for Fido. You can fold back the cuff to make a turtleneck. He’ll look like he’s wearing a cutoff sweatshirt from the ’60’s.

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