Cat People VS Dog People, A No Brainer

French bulldog and kitten posing together on white background

Cat People VS Dog People, A No Brainer

There can be no argument against the superiority of dogs.  Unless you’re a cat lover.  Cat lovers are very defensive of their feline companions.  Dog lovers just know they’re superior so they are cool and laid-back when it comes to their canine family members.

Cat people point out that cats are low maintenance.  You never have to take them for a walk or get up in the middle of the night to let them out, and they are dry-clean only (they wash themselves).  And they entertain themselves.

But then what is the point of having a cat if they are so independent?  Can you play fetch with them?  Teach them tricks?  Do they come when you call them?  (Running to your side when they hear the can opener doesn’t count.)  Do they protect you from intruders?  Go on car trips with you?  Run on the beach with you?

Cats can catch mice and bugs

Okay, a cat can catch mice and bugs for you.  That is a plus.  And they do have that quirky purr mechanism that is somewhat adorable.  The problem is that a cat can love you one minute and hate you the next.  That is part of their independent spirit, I guess.  But a dog will lay down their life for you and be your best friend forever.

Dogs have lots of human qualities.  They are sad when you’re sad, happy when you’re happy.  They can fetch your newspaper, bring you your slippers, or open the frig and bring you your favorite drink.  They can be taught to detect certain diseases, search out contraband, and brighten the day of a sick person in the hospital.
What does a cat do?  Sleep, eat, sleep, eat.

Okay, if you haven’t figured it out yet I’m a dog person.  That’s not to say I don’t like cats.  Kitties can be really cute.  And they might be kind of fun to have around if I weren’t so allergic to them!   But like all dog lovers, I have to say dogs are hands down superior!

Do you agree?

For those that still aren’t convinced dogs are superior here are 15 fun reasons to own a dog.


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