Would You Eat A Chocolate Covered Insect?

cockchafer or june beetle "Amphimallon solstitialis" species isolated on white background

Would You Eat A Chocolate Covered Insect?

Have you ever eaten a bug? If you have ever eaten chocolate then you probably have. The FDA allows 60 or more microscopic insect fragments for each 100 grams of chocolate. So eating a chocolate covered cockroach doesn’t sound so bad now does it?

If you agree you might try Bug Appetit in New Orleans. It’s located at the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium. You can dip your favorite six legged critter in their yummy chocolate fountain. Or try a cricket cookie.

Eating bugs is a delicacy in some countries

Although this may turn some stomachs in the United States, eating bugs has been a delicacy in some countries for centuries. In Thailand they munch on fried bugs with their beer. Who needs peanuts when you can have a tasty beetle? In Mexico they eat french-fried caterpillars and chocolate covered locusts. In the winter the Chinese eat a hot bowl of ant soup to keep warm. The Japanese eat fried grasshoppers.

Bugs are good for you

According to the U.N. there are 1,900 edible insects in the world. And they are good for you, too. They contain protein, fiber, minerals and the good kind of fat. Eating insects may be the food of the future for a starving world. If you are looking to start a business you might try insect farming. Or if you are of the culinary persuasion you might try coming up with some delectable insect recipes.

For the adventurous person who will eat anything check out Google for chocolate covered insects for sale. They would definitely be a conversation piece at your next party. This bug’s for you!

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