Woman Receives Dead Canaries In The Mail

White Mail Truck Delivering Mail

Woman Receives Dead Canaries In The Mail

When Rhonda King from Grant Alabama ordered her canaries I’m sure she was expecting to receive beautiful chirping, singing, song birds.  Instead, what arrived was a mangled box with tire tracks on it with half a dozen dead birds inside.

The postal service apologized and replaced the birds with new ones, alive this time.

King said she loves listening to the birds sing, especially a whole flock of them stating that they sound like orchestra music which is why she ordered so many of them.

For someone who loves canaries like she does it must have been devastating to imagine what happened to the original order.  What a horrible way to end your life.  What I don’t understand is how a box marked “live animals” with breathing holes inside could have fallen to this fate.

On a lighter side some of the comments on the web were pretty clever:

“Maybe they re-tweeted them to her”

“Were they really dead?  Maybe they just needed tweetment.”

“They should have sent them my airmail”

“Somehow this must be Trump’s fault”

“They were just birds of a feather”

Seriously, though, most people were sympathetic and some heartbroken about the bird’s fate.  I know this is how most pet shops receive their live animals but as a private consumer I think I’d just go to the local pet shop myself and pick out my birds.  That way I’d know they were coming home safely.

Story found here:

ABC News
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The Herald

Search google for more articles on the subject

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