Upside Down With The Duggars

Upside Down With The Duggars

The Duggar family image is a snippet from the Duggar Studios youtube video titled Duggar Christmas Tour.

What is wrong with the Duggars? Whenever there is an article about the Duggars the comments section blows up. People just love to diss the Duggars. They don’t like how they live, what they say or what they do. They even put down what the Duggars stand for. And that is what amazes me the most.

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Our world today has turned upside down. People put down the good and embrace the bad. How in the world did trying to live a good moral life become something to complain about? The young adults of today have no idea what living in a right side up world is like.

Growing up in the fifties

I grew up in the fifties. The women wore dresses. When they went out they wore hats and sometimes gloves. They never left the house unless they looked presentable. It didn’t make any difference if you were going to church or to the corner grocery store. You always looked nice. People were usually polite and courteous. Children listened to their parents. They played outside for the good part of the day. Families watched TV together and played games. Businesses were closed on Sundays in respect for the Lord’s Day. There was silent prayer time in school cafeterias. Families ate dinner together. Kids played make believe games. Neighbors knew each other. People openly discussed their faith. This was all normalcy. Sounds a lot like the Duggar’s lifestyle doesn’t it?

The Duggars would fit right in the fifties

People have so strayed from the way the world has been for centuries that they now view the Duggar lifestyle as upside down and not normal. The world has been so contaminated with politcal correctness that most don’t even know what a normal lifestyle is like. It’s sad and frightening to see how twisted the views of the world is today. If you took the Duggars and placed them in the 1950’s they’d fit right in. No one would bat an eye about how they lived or what they believed. What I’m trying to say is up until the late 1960’s the world was a pretty nice place to live. Then the ’60’s generation screamed “down with the establishment”. We wanted to do our own thing. We claimed we wanted peace. But what we got was war. War on morality. War on families. War on the American way of life.

Our self-centered society

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We have become a self-centered society. Don’t step on my toes or offend me or I will loudly complain until someone makes a new law to appease me. It’s every man for himsef now. Decades ago if your neighbor’s lawn was getting overgrown you would be concerned and call to see if they needed help. You’d worry that maybe their lawn mower was broken and you’d offer them the use of yours. Or you’d offer to mow their lawn yourself. Nowadays if your neighbor’s lawn is overgrown you call the city and make sure they get fined. After all, they are keeping you from having the right to look out your window at a well manicured neighborhood. What happened to compassion and love your neighbor as yourself?

It’s no wonder so many people comment negatively about the Duggars. The younger generations today have no idea what the world was really like in the very recent past. It’s a very scary thought to think just how upside down the world has become. Hopefully, our future will become right side up again and the Duggars won’t be the ones considered upside down anymore.

Do you think our world is upside down?

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