Thrasher wins Gold in rifle event. Brings out the haters.

human aiming target with a gun

Thrasher wins Gold in rifle event. Brings out the haters.
Ginny Thrasher was the first to win a Gold Medal for the USA in the women’s 10-meter air rifle event in Rio during the 2016 Summer Olympics.

There were those who saw irony in this first American Gold Medal.

Most people gave a shout out and a congrats to her but in the upside down world we now live in there were Twitter comments from the haters.

Ginny did an amazing job and we as Americans should be proud of her. It’s too bad her accomplishment should be tarnished by liberals who really have no idea what they’re promoting. Gun control? Um, seems to me that’s how Hitler took control of his country. Gun control means no self defense, especially against a tyrant government. I’d like to see how these gun controllers lived a hundred years ago or before. Even children back then were using guns to shoot game for supper. Of course, that rials the PETA folks who thinks no animal is for eating. But then that’s a whole other controversy.

A rifle event where they shoot at a target is a SPORT. Get over it people!

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