Roswell New Mexico mayor stops rescue organizations from saving shelter dogs

Roswell New Mexico mayor stops rescue organizations from saving shelter dogs

Last Thursday 3 dogs got loose from a rescue group and attacked a nine year old boy. They had to fly the boy to Lubbock TX for treatment. Because of that incident the mayor of Roswell suspended all rescue groups from saving dogs that were at the Roswell Shelter. Citizens of the area are up in arms about this ruling and there are lots of negative comments about the suspension.

Rescue groups generally retrieve dogs from shelters at a very small fee and then give the dogs their vaccinations and spay/neuter them to prepare them for adoption. They save the animals lives and should be allowed to continue to do so. The only problem I have with these private rescue groups is that they then make it harder for the dogs to get adopted because of their strict rules for adoption.

Years ago my husband and I lost our 15 /12 yr old dog to old age. We grieved just like any pet parent would. And since we didn’t have children we especially felt like we’d lost a child. After a few months we decided to find another small dog. The problem was, at that time, that the city shelters only had large breeds. So we looked into the private rescue groups. We went to one of their shelters and found a cute little guy that we wanted to make our own so we filled out the application form. proudly features holiday flags and seasonal banners.

They made us feel like we weren’t good pet parents

The application was beyond ridiculous. They wanted to know how many people lived in the house; who was going to stay home to take care of the dog; how long each day will it be by itself; where in the house was it going to sleep; would you be using a crate; what kind of dog food are you going to feed it; how high is your fence; how will you train the dog; what is your vet’s name; why do you want a dog, etc. etc.

Seriously? It’s none of their business what room my dog sleeps in or what kind of food I feed him, or whether I use verbal commands, hand signals or treats to train him. I completely understand their concern for the animal but not everyone agrees on what’s the best way to care for a dog. Obviously we didn’t give the answers that particular rescue shelter wanted because we were turned down! Me, who’d taken veterinary assistant training, who wanted to be a vet when I was younger, who’d just told them we’d just lost our 15 1/2 yr old dog was being told no we weren’t going to be good pet parents? My husband and I just looked at each other and said it made us feel like we would never be good parents for anything, child or animal. I guess we didn’t write down the right dog food brand or choose the shelter’s preferred way of training. Who knows.

it was on the news that the same shelter turned down a 70+ yr old man because they thought he was too old and would outlive the dog! They were more concerned with the animal than a human beings feelings or need for companionship. It was reported on a later newscast that the station recieved lots of offers to give the older gentleman a dog and they showed him lovingly hugging his new furry friend.

My point here is that although rescue groups are needed and do save animals they need to consider the human’s needs, too, and not be so strict or inquisitive about people’s personal preferences. Not every home is going to be perfect. As long as the dog is going to a good loving home where they will take care of him, keep him safe and healthy then give the poor animal the home he deserves.

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