We Are Not Electing A Pastor But A President

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We Are Not Electing A Pastor But A President

I can’t even count how many times people, mainly Christians, threaten to not vote this November because they say they can’t support one candidate or the other. They say they can’t vote for this candidate because she lies, or that candidate because of the kind of business he’s owned. Or she calls American’s deplorable or he calls a woman fat.

Down through history we’ve had all kinds of presidents who have had questionable pasts or personalities on both party sides. There are no perfect people, especially politicians. Yet down through history people voted one way or the other. Why? Because they believed in the democratic process and voted for the issues a candidate ran on.

We have two main candidates to choose from. We are privileged to live in a nation where we can voice our opinion and vote for our governmental officials. We have the right to vote. As Americans it is our duty to exercise that right. If we don’t, we could lose it.

Christians have become so shell shocked over what has been going on in the country for the last eight years that they are looking at this election solely as a spiritual battle and not a political one. We are not voting in a pastor for our church. We are choosing the best presidential candidate that represents the issues that will shape our country in the future and keep our constitutional rights intact.

Which candidate reflects the closest with what you believe about the issues our country faces? Which one supports your beliefs on religious freedom, supreme court appointments, economy, healthcare, social security, etc.

One candidate WILL become president. Decide on the issues, then VOTE! Vote for one of the main candidates or vote on a write in. But VOTE! That is our American duty and privilege. We were blessed by God to be put in this country. In my opinion, we should all take advantage of the democratic process God has blessed us with. Not doing so puts us to shame before our forefathers, fellow Americans, and God.

Vote November 8, 2016 !!

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