Massachusetts Father Mad About Islam In School

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Massachusetts Father Mad About Islam In School

March 22, 2015

A Massachusetts father has pulled his son out of an elementary school because it is teaching a course on Islam. His concern seems to be that they are
teaching the course in a way that is possibly promoting Islam. In the textbook they are using there is printed the Muslim Call To Prayer where it says
“I bear witness that there is no God but Allah” and Allah is the greatest. The textbook also praises Muhammad the founder of Islam.

After all, it is a history course

There are some that think this father’s concern is unwarranted because, after all, it is a history course. If this is a well rounded unbiased history
course on religion and children are just given facts as if they were just learning about Columbus or say the history of Canada then no one should be alarmed.
But in light of the evil going on in the world right now in the name of Allah I can see why this father might be concerned.

Teaching a course on religion in a public school all comes down to the teacher and how the class is taught. If it can be taught as information only and
just a small part of world history then it is a history class. But if the teacher is praising any specific religion or making statements that all religions
lead to the same god then it is a religious promotion and should not be taught in the public schools.

Separation of church and state?

When a school teaches anything about Christianity everyone shouts foul stating separation between church and state. Where are those same people when a
course on Islam is taught? The Constitution makes it clear we are to have freedom OF religion not FROM religion. So any history course on religion, yes,
including Islam and Christianity, can be taught in schools. But if that course is taught in a way that promotes that religion then the state or government are overstepping their boundries.

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Until this father knows all the facts and can monitor the course I can understand why he would want to take his son out of class. Let’s just hope the
Massachusetts school system is honoring the Constitution by teaching a history course and nothing else. This father has given other parents a heads up on
what their children are being taught thereby giving them a chance to talk to their children and make sure they are grounded in their own beliefs. All parents
should be involved in their children’s schooling to make sure nothing is being taught on the sly. Kudos to this father for caring.

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