Is MySpace Safe?

Is MySpace Safe?

Last year I joined myspace with the idea that I would use it as a witnessing ministry for the Lord.   I worked hard on my profile adding many Christian links that would be both an interest to Christians and an enticement to seekers.   Although it was a noble idea what I found was that instead of me being a light in the darkness the darkness was way too overwhelming.

It seemed like almost everyone that wanted to be my “friend” had profiles so outrageous I couldn’t even look at them.   The backgrounds were offensive, the language was horrible, not to mention the images people chose to put on their sites. As a child of God I  try to stay away from things that aren’t pleasing to my Lord but on myspace that is nearly impossible to do. Spanish Bibles

One of the main attractions to myspace is the idea of making your own profile which is basically your very own webpage. To decorate your  profile you need to find layouts, backgrounds, and images to place on your site. What I found was that the sites that offer the layouts were  just as bad as myspace itself as far as offensive material, advertisements, etc. I think this should be a concern to parents. Even if you are  working with your child to make his myspace safe he’s going to see offensive material while searching for profile decorations.

So how do you keep your Christian family safe on myspace?

  1. ALWAYS set your profile settings to Private. That way only those  you know and trust will see your site.
  2. Only visit profiles of people you know and can trust. Profile surfing just to see what’s  out there is how you run in to things you’d rather not see.
  3. Set your Comments to Approve before Posting to make sure nothing offensive  gets added to your site without your approval.
  4. Stay away from the chat rooms. The subject matter alone can make you cringe, not to mention  the language.
  • Only visit sites offering layouts that are totally Christian oriented. There are “religious” backgrounds, layouts  and images on most all secular layout sites but visiting them subjects you to layouts and images you would rather not see.
  • Don’t use  a personal picture as your main profile image. That image is seen by the general public, not just your private friends.
  • Don’t put  personal information on your profile such as address, phone, school, work, financial, etc. even if your profile is private. If you get hacked all that
    info would be there for the taking.
  • Only join Christian groups on myspace and even then be very careful as some groups are Christian in name  only and, of course, not all members will be Christians, either.
  • Be careful about adding slide shows, music players, avatars, etc. to your  profile. Some have been know to contain malicious code that could harm yours or others computers.
  • Only visit profiles that honors the Lord.

A better solution to myspace are the Christian social networking sites. Two that I personally use are (formerly and Both are excellent alternatives to myspace. is closely monitored by two devoted brothers in the Lord who are always available  if any problems arise. The site has a very good chat room setup where all profanity is deleted if typed and the rooms always have monitors. To find a good  Christian myspace alternative just google “Christian social networking sites”; or “Christian myspace alternatives”;. Always check out
their Terms of Service and Statements of Faith.

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I ended up deleting my original myspace page and just recently started a new private page for  personal friends and family only. I still use the computer to witness but not on myspace. I will leave that up to the many good ministries and Christian  bands on myspace that are doing a great job sharing the gospel. I will continue to use myspace but only looking up people, ministries or bands that I know  of personally and stay away from profile surfing.

Just wondering if any of you use myspace and what has been your experiences.

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