Is DNA Testing For Dog Poop A Good Idea?

Owner Clearing Dog Mess With Pooper Scooper

Is DNA Testing For Dog Poop A Good Idea?

Just when you think you’ve heard it all now comes DNA testing for dog poop! There is a company called PooPrints that keeps a database of canine DNA. This information can be used to check to see if your dog is a true pedigree. But it’s not just for picky purebred owners. Now it can be used for picky property owners who are tired of their neighbor’s dog leaving presents on their property. It seems a lot of apartment complexes are now requiring DNA testing for any dogs living in the complex. That way, if your dog leaves a present on the grounds, they can fine you if they match your dog’s poop to the info in the database. Supposedly this keeps the property clean of dog messes.

Okay, I agree, to some point, that using a company like PooPrints would be very helpful to keep businesses, apartments and condos clean. And I appreciate that they are making the effort. But really, this is just the sign of the times we live in. People are no longer considerate of others. We are now self-centered and lazy. We can’t even make the effort to bend over to pick up dog poop. It’s our fault we have to have companies like this to make us stay in line. I guess we deserve what we get – testing expense, fines and Big Brother watching over us.

Big Brother?

Canine DNA testing may be a good idea to help keep our communites clean and smelling good. But what concerns me is that the canine DNA testing could lead to mandatory dog testing across the board for every dog. Any veterinarian would be able to swab a patient’s DNA and make sure you are the rightful owner. And it would help prosecute neglectful owners if the dog breaks some kind of law. Sounds good doesn’t it? But if this would work for pets then someone down the road is going to propose we do this for humans, too. Would mandatory DNA testing of humans be considered a good thing? What would our government do with this information? Do we all want to be in a massive government owned DNA database?

You may think that is farfetched

You may think that is farfetched. But the money alone the government would make off this would be astronomical. The fee for the original swab to put you in the database and the fines it would collect for whatever law you might have broken would be enough incentive for any state to decide to implement this. And you know how the federal and state governments love to make new laws. It seems like everytime one person gets offeneded up pops a new law on the books. They would have a heyday with the DNA database.

Think about what has happened since they came up with the microchip used to store your dog’s information. That seemed like a good idea for locating lost or stolen dogs. But the canine microchip was the precursor for the medical chip they want to put in humans. Which then led to the idea of having a banking chip. You wouldn’t loose a banking chip in your body like you would a credit card. If the microchip has already snowballed into uses for humans we can be sure it will happen with DNA testing, too. We already have lost so much of our privacy, do we really want our DNA collected, too?

I hope that never happens but the way our society is so out of control now a national DNA database could be in our future. Combine that with all the information the government has on us already and we could have a bleak future ahead of us. How can we stop that from happening? Well, the very least we can do is pick up our dog’s poop!

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