Hawaiian Dad is fined for making son walk home from school

Little boy with a backpack go to school. Back view.

Hawaiian Dad is fined for making son walk home from school

I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t read it myself.

The story: A father makes his son get out of the car and walk the rest of the way home from school because the child wouldn’t respond to the questions the father asked about an incident that happened in school. The dad wanted his son to walk home and think about what he had done.  Somehow the dad ended up in court because of the punishment he gave his son. The judge made the father go to parenting classes and fined him $200 and put him on a year’s probation.  The reason? The judge said making the child walk a mile was an old fashioned punishment! The judge claimed the child could be picked up by pedophiles.

This story is unbelievable. I feel sorry for the father who was just trying to be a good dad and teach his son responsibility. And I feel even sorrier for the son who has to grow up in such an upside down world. He basically has no chance of becoming a productive responsible citizen if the U.S. courts are this clueless.

Pretty soon children won’t be able to ride their bikes, play in their yard, or walk the dog without an adult with them or their parents will go to jail.  How are children going to learn to become independent? How are they going to learn how to spot danger if they are coddled all the time?

In the good old days

When I was growing up we always walked more than a mile to grade school up the steepest hill in the town through ice and snow and down through a tree lined alley and then on down a busy street to the school. No one thought twice about it. In junior high and high school the school bus wouldn’t even pick you up unless you lived more than a mile from school. We learned to watch out for traffic, keep our distance from strangers and roaming dogs, and had the responsibility of getting ourselves to school on time. Walking to school kept us in shape and made us feel good about ourselves because we were growing up and doing things on our own.

I realize we live in a different world than a few decades ago but making a rule about every little thing in the name of safety is doing nothing but making children stay “children” emotionally and intellectually. No wonder there are so many adolescents in juvenile detention. They aren’t being taught how to think and act like adults.

I hope this is just an isolated case and will not become a precedent. The case should be overturned and the judge should be given more than just a “time out”.

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