Four Year Old Boy Asked To Leave Doughnut Inn

Four Year Old Boy Asked To Leave Doughnut Inn

Things got a little out of hand when a four year old boy innocently asked a lady if she had a baby in her belly. The woman told him no and the little boy apologized. Although the mother of the boy was horrified the woman assured the mother there wasn’t a problem. She said she’s heard it before from children.

That short conversation should have ended there but the management of the Doughnut Inn in Monroe CT declared the four year old as rude and not allowed to come back to the store. Of course, the boy and his mother will be finding somewhere else to buy their donuts.

This is an example of how far our country has come to trying to be politically correct. It has come to the point that no one can do anything wrong without someone wanting them arrested, fined, or wants to make a new law. We are slowly turning into a socialistic/communistic iron fisted ruled country.

Things have changed since the 1950’s

788003: Boys Will Be Joys

When a little four year old boy can’t make an innocent comment without major repercussions we are in trouble. A four year old doesn’t even have reasoning yet to know how a comment like that can affect an adult. In the 1950’s there was a show called the Art Linkletter Show where there was a segment called Kids Say The Darndest Things. Mr. Linkletter would ask little children questions and their answers were usually hilarious. A comment about asking a woman if she was pregnant would have garnered big laughs from the audience. Things have definitely changed from the 1950’s.

The conversation between the three customers was private and unless the woman to whom the boy asked the question had complained or was visually upset there should have been no interference from the donout shop employees. Telling the mother of the little boy the next day that they are not welcome in the shop anymore is complete overkill of the situation. But then, this is the new America. We are on a slippery slope.

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