Forgotten Marine Veteran Gets Locked Inside VA Clinic

Thank you Veterans for your Service.

Forgotten Marine Veteran Gets Locked Inside VA Clinic

Jeff Duck in Deltona FL said he was in the waiting room three hours when he realized he’d been left after the staff went home. He had been forgotten and
locked in the facility. When he finally realized he’d been left alone he walked around taking a video on his phone of the empty clinic. Doing so tripped
the alarm so he called 911 to let them know what happened. They came and let him out.

It’s not just a VA problem

There have been lots of comments on this story from people saying it shows how bad the VA problems are to being a prelude to what being on Obamacare will be like. The fact is, although the VA has been in the news lately concerning various issues, being forgetten for any period of time by your doctor can occur anywhere. Just recently a co-worker said his doctor tried to laugh off the fact that he’d forgetten him. The co-worker didn’t think it was so funny since he’d been waiting for a very long time. The co-worker is a veteran but this was at a private medical clinic.

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Whenever I’ve had to wait for more than 30 minutes or so I open the door to my room to remind the staff that I’m in there. Sometimes they tell me to shut the door but the point was made – I’m here so don’t forget me. Any medical clinic can get backed up. There was no excuse for that VA clinic not checking the clinic before they locked up but we shouldn’t be so quick to judge just because it was a government facility.

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