Don’t Get Caught With A Fake Passenger

Overhead freeway carpool only sign with storm sky.

Don’t Get Caught With A Fake Passenger

Okay, admit it.  You’ve wanted to try this yourself -put a fake passenger in the front seat of your car so you can drive in the carpool lane.  I’ve thought about it many times while stuck in slow freeway traffic.  I’d get a life-like doll or maybe a baby doll (do babies count as a second passenger?) and strap it into the front seat.  I’d cruise down the carpool lane smiling at all those poor single person cars that are crawling along.

Well, recently a woman in New York did just that and guess what, she got caught.  Actually, her dummy wasn’t as impressive as mine would be.  It was made with a pile of clothes with a baseball hat on top.  But it did have a briefcase.  Gotta pay attention to details.  Well, almost.  She forgot to strap on it’s seatbelt.

I looked this story up online and found a very funny site showing images of fake passengers people have used in the past.  View Gallery   I guess I’m not the only one who’s thought of trying this.

Is it worth the risk?  In California you will be fined $481 for driving in a carpool lane by yourself.  I think I’ll just continue to tough it out and go with the flow of traffic.  If I leave early enough I may even have time to stop at McDonald’s for a sausage burrito.  Now that would be worth it!

Story found here:

NBC New York

Times Union


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