Des Moines Man Steals Bag Of Dog Poop

Des Moines Man Steals Bag Of Dog Poop

April 12, 2015

Be on the look out for a missing bag of dog poop!

A Des Moines Iowa man called police to report someone tried to break into his truck. According to the police report the suspect tried to break the lock on the truck’s door. When they realized they couldn’t get in to steal the truck they must have seen the bag in the truck bed and took that instead.

It turns out the bag contained dog feces! The person who committed the “crime” may face third-degree burglary charges. The estimated value of the bag and it’s contents is $1.

Seriously, the guy/gal just had to steal something? I guess if your mind is set on taking something then a bag of dog poop is better than nothing.

The best part of this report are some of the comments left from the different news venues.

“The suspect could face turd degree burglary charges.”

“Inquiring minds want to know why the thief felt the need to take a dump.”

“Sounds like it must have been a Lab specimen.”

” Something about this story really stinks.”

“Let’s call him The Poo Bandit.”

I would have loved to see the suspect’s face when they got home and opened the bag. It’s really true what they say – crime doesn’t pay. It stinks!

Story found here:

Des Moines Register

Fox News

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