Derrick Levasseur Wins Big Brother 16

Derrick Levasseur Wins Big Brother 16

On Wednesday night fans of Big Brother 16 were sitting on the edge of their seats to see who would take home the half million dollar prize. Would it be
Derrick Levasseur the undercover police officer who used his detective skills to maneuver his way to the final three? Could it be Cody Calafiore the sales
account executive from New Jersey who was Derrick’s right hand man? Or would it be Victoria Rafaeli the photographer from Florida who fans believed floated to the end?

The winner was Derrick Levasseur with a jury vote of 7-2. The surprise vote was Donny Thompson’s vote for Cody. But after the show Donny explained he had promised Cody weeks ago if he made it to the final two he would vote for Cody. And true to Donny’s endearing loyalty he kept his word. Which explains why Donny won America’s Favorite Player and took home the $25,000 prize. Fans loved his down to earth likable personality.

Why didn’t Cody choose Victoria as his final two partner?

The big question in everyone’s mind is why didn’t Cody, who won the final competition, choose Victoria as his final two partner. She seemed to be the
ultimate floater and and a shoe-in for Cody to be chosen as the winner. According to Cody if he would have taken Victoria to the final two and Derrick
had gone away with nothing then it would have been almost like he cheated Derrick out of an entire game where Derrick pretty much helped him get to the final two. He said Derrick never steared him wrong once and thinking about taking anybody but him would have been like a betrayal he didn’t think he could have been able to deal with.

That says a lot about Cody’s personality, loyalty and obvious good upbringing. His parent’s should be very proud of him. On the other hand, this was
Big Brother, a game of lying and manipulating to get a huge prize. So if he had picked Victoria would he have won the half million? Not according to
Frankie Grande, one of the jury members. According to Frankie most of the jury members were bitter about the way Derrick played. He says that if Cody
would have chosen Victoria instead of Derrick the jury would have looked at that as so untrustworty and so unhonorable that Victoria might had had a
chance to win the half million dollar prize instead.

Would Derrick have taken Victoria if the tables were turned?

Would Derrick have taken Victoria if the tables were turned? According to Derrick it was the Hitmen all the way. Of course, we will never know for sure.
But as Cody would say – Derrick crushed it. America loved him. The jury voted for him. Congratulations Derrick, you are the ultimate Hitman.

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