Border Terrier lives with ball in stomach for two years

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Border Terrier lives with ball in stomach for two years

Trixie, a ten year old border terrier living in England, was taken to the vet after showing symptoms that she wasn’t feeling well. The vet took an xray and found an object in her stomach. They did exploratory surgery and found a rubber bouncy ball in her stomach. The amazing thing was that Trixie had swallowed that ball two years ago! At that time her owners took her to the vet but because she hadn’t shown any symptoms they presumed the ball had passed through her. Trixie lived with that ball inside her for the last two years. Trixie is one lucky dog because she could have had a bowel blockage and died.

Dog owners need to be extremely careful when choosing a toy for their pet. Balls are always fun to play with but a wrong size ball can mean a trip to the vet or even death. Dogs will chew and swallow anything. Even with large breeds a tennis ball can be a choking hazard.

Always be there to supervise your dog while he plays with his toys. A rawhide chew toy can turn into a sharp stick and poke his mouth or become slivers he can swallow. Even a cloth toy can be a hazard if it has a squeaker in it. Cloth toys can be ripped apart and the squeaker can be swallowed.

Keep your house dog proof

A dog owner needs to keep his house dogproof just like a parent keeps his house childproof. Dogs can swallow rubber bands, safety pins, pulley ends off venetian blinds, string or yarn. If it’s within reach it becomes a tempting play toy. Your dog can easily chew plastic water bottles, electrical cords or your favorite houseplant. Anything that can become sharp, slivered or toxic should be out of reach of your pet.

Dogs will be dogs and as pet parents we need to make sure accidents don’t happen. It was a happy ending for Trixie and a lesson learned for all of us to be aware of what our dogs are playing with.

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