Billy Graham Haters?

Billy Graham Haters?

If you want to start a conversation (argument) on social media then mention Billy Graham. Rev. Graham went to be with the Lord on February 21, 2018. Since his death ‘Christians’ have been disrespecting Rev. Graham’s ministry and legacy.

It is no wonder the children of God cannot get along. We’ve had arguments over Calvinism vs Arminianism, once saved always saved vs losing your salvation, Pentecostal vs Charismatic, conservative vs evangelical, free grace vs lordship salvation, contemporary worship vs hymns, tongues, healings, etc. The list goes on. I never realized how much discord there is between the brethren until the internet.

That disharmony has shown itself loud and clear regarding Billy Graham. The main dissension seems to revolve around the rumor that Rev. Graham was a Mason. Since I haven’t seen any proof one way or the other I will not put a man down on hearsay. Most who condemn Rev. Graham as being a Mason have never had any personal experience with the Masons or Shriners. My dad was a Mason, my step dad was a Shriner, my Mom was an Eastern Star and I was a Job’s Daughter. I also know of Mason’s who belonged to the Conservative Baptist Church (CBA) I attended who were in the evangelism program and regularly shared the gospel.

During the time my family was active in the Masonic Lodge we never saw anything that resembled satan worship or the occult. There may be some of that in the higher levels but aside from what some call questionable symbols we saw nothing. Our association with the Shriners and Masons were on a social level. We had mother/daughter teas, fashion shows, did charity work, etc. Our meetings always included the KJV Bible and at the end of every meeting we sang Onward Christian Solders while the elected officials stood in the shape of a cross. And no, it wasn’t an upside down cross.

I say all this to say that just because someone might belong to the Masonic Lodge doesn’t mean they are there to worship satan. My stepdad belonged because it was the thing to do in the business world. I have to give Rev. Graham the benefit of the doubt and with the fruits of his ministry presume if he was involved with the Masonic Lodge it was innocently for social reasons. I will not be guilty before God of disrespecting one of His servants who was called to do Christ’s work. We have all done things we shouldn’t. Our salvation is not based on works and neither is our eternal security.

The other complaint is what some call Billy’s easy believism because of his altar calls to pray a prayer to be saved. I agree this can cause some to rely on a prayer and become an inoculated false Christian. But I’ve heard Rev. Graham preach over and over repentance and he talked about sin in every sermon. Not everyone we talk to really repents and turns to the Lord. Only the Lord knows who is ready. But I can tell you that Rev. Graham has lead thousands to the Lord during his ministry and I am sure most of us have not done that.

In 1 Corinthians 9:22 the apostle Paul says “To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.” Billy Graham did what he felt God was leading him to do regarding his associations, ministry and preaching. He did what he could do so that by all means he might same some. Billy Graham preached the gospel in grace and truth and for that as a Christian I am forever thankful for him and his ministry.

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