Bathing Poodle Rescued By Firefighters

Bathing Poodle Rescued By Firefighters

August 24, 2014

A twelve year old girl in Albuquerque NM was giving her poodle a bath when the dog got his paw stuck in the drain. She called 911 and the fire department rescued the dog by cutting the drain out of the bathtub freeing the dog so that it could be taken to the vet. The vet removed the drain. The dog was okay.

One thing I have learned is giving a dog a bath is not always an easy task. Even if the dog co-operates it can still be a wet, messy process. The moral of this story is always close the drain when bathing your pet. And definately don’t bathe it in the kitchen sink over the garbage disposal. I shutter to think what could happen there! A better solution would be to use a bathtub made especially for dogs. The best solution? Take him to the goomers. A groomer would be a lot cheaper than paying a plumber or a veterinarian!


Story found here:

ABC News



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