50 year old Raju the Asian elephant is finally free after 5 decades of abuse

50 year old Raju the Asian elephant is finally free after 5 decades of abuse

An Indian elephant was rescued in the middle of the night after years of being chained and whipped into obedience. It took eight hours to free him. His rescuers say Raju actually cried several times during the process, probably from pain. But they say they sensed he knew he was being helped and shed more tears when he was freed from the painful chains.

It will take a long time for Raju to learn to trust humans

Elephants live 60-70 years so Raju has spent the majority of his life on earth as a captive. But now he will live in an elephant sanctuary with other freed elephants where he will be able to play in the water or lay down and rest whenever he wants to. It will take a long time, though, for him to learn to trust humans. Hopefully, under medical care and a good diet he will gain weight and learn to be a happy normal elephant.

Both African and Asian elephants are captured and used for entertainment such as in cicuses. The feeling among their captors is that the elephants need to be shackled and beaten into obedience. Therefore, these poor, loving, smart, social beasts suffer in the hands of these “trainers”. Some are rescued. Others get to retire. Those lucky ones can find freedom and a safe place to live and be cared for at The Elephant Sanctuary
in Tennessee.

Elephants have memories that span many years. Let’s hope these gentle beasts will soon forget their past and relish in their new found freedom.

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