Kool Aid Slush Recipe

Kool Aid Slush Recipe

Prep Time:  10 minutes

1 Kool Aid Single packet sweetened (0.55 oz)
1/2 cup water
2 cups ice

Place the water, Kool Aid mix and one cup of ice in a blender and cover.

Using the ice crush pulse button crush the ice.

Add remaining cup of ice and crush using the same pulse button.

Then use the blend button until Kool Aid is thoroughly mixed.

Makes one 16 oz glass.

This was so easy.  Just make sure you crush the ice until it’s slushy otherwise it will end up just being Kool Aid with crushed ice and not a Slush.  But don’t spend too much time crushing or you’ll end up with nothing but liquid, lol.   …. New Cook On The Block

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